Saint Wall Street

How can critical social programs become more sustainable?

SAINT WALL STREET LLC helps leaders of nonprofit organizations understand, communicate and leverage the market value of their programs’ social impacts. The result is sustainability qualified by:

(1)   Sound evidence of effectiveness. Our proprietary impact analytics, Program Return on Investment™ (PROI), converts the evaluation outcomes of health and human services into economic impacts that make clear cost-benefits and returns on investment for government, taxpayers and businesses. Launched in 2009, the first 23 PROI-equipped nonprofits received $41.7 million in new funding within 18 months.

(2)   Fiscally responsible leadership. Training and coaching for value-driven capacity-building transition the focus of nonprofit board and executive directors from the resources they lack to the assets they can leverage to produce greater social impacts at less cost. This value-conscious approach to change leadership is helping organizations attract new partners and volunteers, and inspire 100% giving from their boards and staff.

Since 2010, we have more than doubled our previous highest annual budget over the past decade. We incorporated the PROI approach into our grant applications and received an additional $5.79 million through those applications! Knowing HOW to tell our story is vital in creating sustainability, growth, and a continuum of care for those we serve. Not only have we been able to secure additional funds, but we have also attracted strong partners, stellar staff and committed volunteers to help us better serve fathers and families. 

Thank you for all you do!!!

Catherine Tijerina
Executive Director
The RIDGE Project,Inc.

SAINT WALL STREET is an SBA-approved Woman-Owned Small Business. Clients since 1998 have included: federal and state agencies; national and individual nonprofit organizations; and partnering nonprofit training facilitators. Through a sole-source contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Family Assistance, we currently provide customized PROI training and technical assistance for qualifying federal grantees. We also offer funders and donors that want to make wise charitable investments the unique benefit of practical advice informed by tenured experience in nonprofit management, development, and impact valuation.

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